Rtiger Productions Inc. is a Vancouver based production company developing a slate of entertaining and thought-provoking cross-cultural feature films for an international audience.

A Canadian key creative team of writers, production partners, and award-winning director Jonathan Tammuz are set to make Rtiger's first feature film, "From India with Love".

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From India with Love

Feature length, Romantic Comedy

Logline – To secure his rich and powerful mother’s help to fund his film project, Rahul a struggling Indo-Canadian actor must leave his Chinese girlfriend of ten years and marry the girl of his mother’s choice.

“From India With Love is a cross-cultural Canadian script that provides a window onto a view of Canadian culture, and a multicultural diaspora perspective, that audiences seldom see. It tackles the issues of race, ethnicity and gender as seen through the relationship between members of two prominent visible minority communities in Canada—the Indian and the Chinese.”
-Rajnish Dhawan, Writer

We gratefully acknowledge development funding from
The Hari Sharma Foundation


Feature length, Action Comedy

Logline – An Indo-Canadian cop goes undercover investigating money-laundering in a Bollywood film
production in Vancouver by taking a role in the film, with funny and dangerous consequences.

“BOLLYCOP came into existence after several years of engagement with Indian cinema. Growing up in Canada, Charles Singh was heavily influenced by both Hollywood and Bollywood films. When it came time to write this script, he used his personal experiences as an actor in the film industry to come up with this action/comedy based on his love for crime films like BEVERLY HILLS COP, RUSH HOUR, and GET SHORTY. With co-writer Grace Chin, an Asian-Canadian playwright; and script editor Manu Chopra, an internationally acclaimed screenwriter (DR. CABBIE); BOLLYCOP evolved into a polished, tightly woven Hollywood formulaic screenplay meshed together with the flair and dazzle of Bollywood films.”

The C-Word

Cheating. Commitment. Consequences

Series, Dark Romantic Comedy

Logline – Four interracial Vancouver thirtysomethings confront their own version of “the C-word” when they mix it up, and unforeseen outcomes force them to choose to whom, and to what, they must commit.

“…in large, diverse urban centres like Toronto or Vancouver, being in an interracial relationship is less shocking….[yet] two of the largest visible minority groups in Canada — South Asians and Chinese — had the smallest number of couples in mixed relationships.” – Global News – originally posted May 23, 2019

The C-Word is based on a play that was independently produced and performed in Vancouver in 2009. If cheating is colour blind, perhaps so is commitment — and if the thirties are the new twenties — how do thirtysomethings in Vancouver deal with intercultural cheating, commitment, and consequences? The story invites an intimate in-and-out of the bedroom view of four friends’ lives, when infidelity and unforeseen consequences force them to choose to whom, and to what, they must commit.


Charles Singh

Producer, Writer


Charles Singh

Charles Singh has appeared as an actor in several international films, on network television, and in stage productions. Notable credits include the feature films “Needle in a Timestack” by Oscar-winning director, John Ridley, “The Guru” from Universal Pictures, and “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” directed by Terry Gilliam.

Born in Fiji, Charles grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. After graduating with a Business Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, he moved to Vancouver, BC and studied acting full time at the Gastown Actors Studio, where he played the lead role in every stage production and graduated with honours.

Charles began his filmmaking career by writing and directing “Commitment,” a cross-cultural short drama partly funded by the National Film Board of Canada which screened at film festivals internationally. He further honed industry experience as a programmer, filmmaker liaison, and event emcee for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, where he met producer Raymond Massey in 2016. Charles subsequently worked with Raymond on film service deals as Production Supervisor for South Asia, and optioned his screenplay, “Bollycop,” to Massey Productions Ltd. This valuable mentorship would give Charles the production experience to eventually incorporate Rtiger Productions Inc.

Jonathan Tammuz

From India with Love

Jonathan Tammuz

Jonathan Tammuz is an award winning British/Canadian director who has worked in Canada, the US, UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Jonathan has directed a wide variety of projects including feature films, 1 hour episodic TV, documentaries and shorts. His work has been screened in major international film festivals as well as theatrically and on Channel 4 (UK), NHK (Japan), HBO, CBC and Showtime.

Jonathan’s theatrical feature Minotaur opened in LA and NY to critical acclaim, and RUPERT’S LAND won 6 Leo Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. It also received 5 Genie nominations including Best Picture and Best Director. His short, The Childeater received an Academy Award nomination for Best Live Action Short.

Jonathan has recently directed a short: Heard From Above, and co-produced Red Snow, an Aboriginal theatrical feature. He is currently developing several projects: REBECCA’S RING, a rom-com set in Dublin, MINER, a comedic drama set in Wales and FROM INDIA WITH LOVE a comedic drama set in BC.

Jonathan lives in Vancouver, with his wife Lib Stephen, a children’s books illustrator.

Jonathan Tammuz – Director Reel – LA & UK from Jonathan Tammuz on Vimeo:

Grace Chin

From India with Love

Grace ChinGrace Chin is Interim Managing Director, Women in Film and Television Vancouver and producer of the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival; General Manager, Ruby Slippers Theatre; co-founder, Pan Asian Staged Reading Society and its cold reading event, Scripting Aloud; and is on the board and programming team of Vancouver Short Film Festival. Grace was Festival Director of Vancouver Asian Film Festival and has served on the boards of Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society/explorASIAN, as well as performing arts juries, committees, and panels. She is a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada and UBCP/ACTRA, and has been a script editor and production coordinator on numerous independent film projects. As a performer, she can most recently be seen in episodic series and features for ABC, CBS, CW, E!, Freeform, Showcase, Lifetime, Hallmark, CBC, Netflix, and AppleTV+. A marketing content specialist, optioned screenwriter, published author, and produced playwright, Grace has a BA in English Literature (Hons) from the University of British Columbia and journalism accreditation from Langara College. She is googleable.

Rajneesh Dhawan

From India with Love

Rajneesh Dhawan

Rajnish Dhawan is a Professor of English at the University of the Fraser Valley and an award-winning writer who writes in multiple languages and genres.

Since moving to Canada from India in 2009, Rajnish has written four plays. His first Canadian play That Time of the Year focuses on the issues of gender, and sexuality among the South Asian diaspora in Canada. That Land Beyond the Waves, is based upon the Komagata Maru tragedy. Basement Santa” is a comical take on fake marriages to get Canadian citizenship. A Full House an all-women play that attempts to challenge the process of religious and cultural stereotyping associated with the phenomenon of terrorism. These plays have been performed at various venues across the Fraser Valley

Rajnish’s latest play “Culture Shock” is a spicy cocktail of intercultural humor borne out of an attempt to challenge and subvert the stereotypes about people of Indian origin.

Rajnish is also a Stand Up comic and he performs regularly at various venues in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

In 2019, Rajnish’s maiden Hindi Novel “Amritsar 1919” was published and is now being translated into Punjabi.


In 2011, the short drama, COMMITMENT, screened in film festivals across North America and in the UK. Written, produced, and directed by Charles Singh, the film was produced with partial funding from the National Film Board of Canada, and with production partner Viva Mantra Films.

Commitment, a film by Raahul Singh


Official Selection, Vancouver South Asian Film Festival 2016


Official selection, Edmonton International Film Festival 2011
Official selection, Roxbury International Film Festival 2011
Official selection, Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2011
Official selection, Toronto Reel World Film Festival 2011
Official selection, Tongues of Fire - London Asian Film Festival 2013 (UK)


“A refined and meaningful short tale on life through the evocation of a man's past choices.” - Simon Bertrand, Programming & Curation - Oaxaca FilmFest

In 2016 while programming for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, Charles met and began working with Raymond Massey, Massey Productions Ltd. as Production Supervisor for South Asia on the Canadian side.

During this time Charles co-wrote BOLLYCOP, a feature screenplay, with Asian Canadian playwright Grace Chin; it was optioned by Massey Productions in 2019.

In 2020, Charles wrote a treatment which became the basis for the feature screenplay FROM INDIA WITH LOVE, in collaboration with South Asian Canadian playwright Rajnish Dhawan. Oscar-nominated Canadian director Jonathan Tammuz is on board to direct, and the project is now in development.

With over 20 years of industry experience and an extensive network, Charles incorporated Rtiger Productions Inc. in 2021 to develop a slate of cross-cultural feature films for world audiences, and to provide production service to local and international productions in the Vancouver area and BC.


Rtiger Productions Inc. works in collaboration with Massey Productions Ltd. A Vancouver based production company with over 40 years of production experience in British Columbia.

"A natural by-product of decades of developing, packaging, producing and delivering independent films is expertise in many areas that are of value to other content creators, networks, studios and occasionally these are opportunities to work with a great director and actors. Staying a small company means developing broad knowledge of the regulatory and legal aspects of the business and all of this is useful to younger companies and foreign companies unfamiliar with work in Canada and in our case, with China, France and the UK. We tend to be a trustworthy team that hates to waste money- another valuable trait with service work. And we work with the basic goals of keeping clients alive, out of jail and really happy with their footage. A wide range of production budgets, genres, schedules have been handled by our company."

Raymond Massey Productions

"Massey Productions makes all kinds of films, television and cable product but what drives us forward is director-driven material and storytellers. In order to make the films we really want, we collaborate a lot with other companies, sometimes for the art of it, sometimes to spread the financial cost of the art and other times purely for revenue reasons. We work closely with writers to ensure scripts stand out for the standard of writing but also for originality and for a purpose. Great films don’t happen by accident.

It may be challenging for co-productions to serve completely different domestic markets but the framework is a perfect solution for a market like Canada, which cannot often provide 100% of a feature film’s financing. So we are well versed in co-productions and use the considerable support of our federal agencies when pursuing foreign partnerships.

Massey Productions has recently begun sales work in select territories and will increasingly diversify in coming years. We are a small company with a good foundation and some valuable creative and financial expertise."


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